#07 BAUBLES (2004) CD

En las épocas post Anoraknophobia (2001) Marillion lanzó entre los fans un concurso de remixes de los temas del álbum. Los tracks ganadores fueron parte de Remixomatosis, un Remix álbum editado en 2003 y una segunda selección de temas es la que integra este CD.


1. Marillion’s Christmas Message
2. Map of the World (World Ordnance Survey Mix by Carl Horner)
3. This is the 21st Century (Demystified Mix by Alan Miller)
4. Fruit of the Wild Rose (2.5 Hearts in the Groove Mix by Masatoshi Inaba)
5. Number One (Whatever Mix by Size 9)
6. If my Heart were a Ball it Would Roll Uphill (No Monsters Remix by Gary Hughes)
7. When I Meet God (Ontological Mix by Carl Holmer)
8. Separated Out (Latino Freak Mix by Masatoshi Inaba)
9. Between You and Me (Martini Mix by Jeff Gilroy)
10. Quartz (Hard Time Mix by Carl Holmer)

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